If you’ve tried therapy before without much luck, you may need a process that works on deeper physiological systems. Attachment Work operates at the level of brain change, providing insight into troubling patterns and symptom relief but more importantly real characterological change.


Is Attachment Work for me?

It could be, if you could describe yourself in any of the following ways:

  • Disconnected even when I am with others

  • Foggy, lost or disconnected from myself

  • Depressed or socially anxious

  • Difficulty managing impulses; I often act before I think

  • Avoidant, anxious or fearful avoidant attachment “style”

  • Self-reliant; I tend to take care of any pain or difficulty in my life myself

  • Navigating chronic pain or illness

  • Lonely, isolated, "weird," or a misfit

  • Sorting through strained family relationships or a confusing family history

  • I had a “great childhood.” I don’t get why I struggle so much

  • Difficulty being authentic with others or making real friendships

  • Never quite feeling like I belong

These experiences must be contextualized within the larger frame of our United States culture, with its particular impacts related to privilege and oppression. Our human physiology can tell us much about what may be happening within us in response to this water we are swimming in. An embodied understanding of these experiences connects us to a range of healthy feelings, empowers us to act, supports a larger understanding of our predicament and encourages us to hold compassion for ourselves, others and our world at large.

Many adults with attachment oriented injuries, have years of personal work under their belts that has not led to much satisfying change. Others have been navigating ongoing relationship challenges never realizing, insecure attachment states were the cause, not some flaw in their personalities. Attachment work could be for you if:

  • You are not living the life you imagine for yourself.

  • You've been doing personal work for years, you've seen other therapists, intuitives or energy workers and found your progress unsatisfying.

  • You've looked at your struggles with overwhelm, fatigue and anxiety symptoms from a physical perspective with help from your doctor and as of yet, no results.

  •  You steamroll the important people in your life, struggle to manage your temper, you’re annoyed or irritated a lot of the time.

  •  You have a strong inner critic, struggle making decisions or with self-doubt, or wonder regularly if something is inherently
    wrong with you.

Attachment work is a deep, relational healing tool that drops beneath our every day, often automated consciousness to the source of our oldest, most deeply embedded patterns. Via via mindful relating in the here and now and sometimes eye gaze experimentation, Attachment therapy processes support clients to observe their most subtle relational patterns, creating opportunities for transformation on both neural and nervous system levels.

Curiosity, deep self-awareness and experimenting with the brain's basic motivational and reward systems are the basic tools. Clients can experience powerful embodied insights within sessions that, with custom designed take home practices, create the shifts they are looking for in their lives outside the office. This work is a delicate balance of effort and allowing which requires direct experience to be truly understood.

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