Be You With Others: Mixed Gender Process Group

Are you ready for the power of Group?

Like individual therapy, Group is a safe space to bring your struggles for reflection, insight and support. Unlike individual therapy, we can enlist the help of a committed team of peers, who provide a broader range of perspectives.

Therapy Groups offer an exploratory space where members can address a broad range of personal issues, as well the struggles that confound us in our relationships with others. As group participants, we provide and receive feedback from our fellow members and the leader. As bonds strengthen and we increase self-awareness, the container supports sharing our perceptions about how others' ways of relating affect the group. Group can become a space that's safe enough we're willing to experiment with being and connecting differently. The mutual agreement to share our own thoughts and feelings as well as those about others assures the struggles of our lives become the work of the group. 


In a Therapy Group, you have the opportunity to:

•   Get to know the parts of you that derail you from your own wisdom.
•  Expand your emotional range and free up stuck energy.
•  Learn to speak from self-connection, even in the face of difference.
•  Learn how you connect and disconnect in relationships.
•  Experience authentic empathy, understanding and support from others committed similarly to their human journey.

If you struggle with ambivalence, fear or distrust in your connections to others, if shame impacts your capacity for success in your work or your relationships, or if you just have a deep interest in your own psychology and want to grow closer to the people who are important to you, group therapy is a potent space for self-discovery. 

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Participating in group therapy can feel like a big leap, if up until now you've been doing your personal work with an individual therapist or through self-help or electronic methods. I encourage you to connect with me to learn more about this powerful change methodology. If you've struggled to make real behavioral changes in your life, group may be just the right next step for you. To find out if you are a good candidate for group:

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This Ongoing Group requires a 6 month commitment with a preference for participants who are looking for a long term therapeutic process. Applicants should have some level of capacity to manage their own emotional states by putting feelings and thoughts into words not actions. The cost of this offering is $300 monthly regardless of missed sessions. The fee takes into account offices closures of up to 8 weeks per year.